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Vastu & Therapy:
Various alternative therapies in vogue eg. Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurved, Unani, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Yoga, Magnetic healing, Reki and many other methods (132 on record) are in process of establishing themselves scientifically in the world. In spite of all the controversies in ways and modes of treatment there is relief palliation, suppression of some time cure, why so? it means some hidden principle should be there by which all different methods giving benefit to mankind. this secret is nothing but balance of Bioenergy.

What is Bioenergy ?
The time tested quote by famous Writer and Philosopher Dr. Johnson, "Preservation of heath is a moral and religious duty, for health is the basis of all social virtues, we can be no longer useful when not well", in recent times has attracted due attention. Individuals have started trying different modes of activities and therapies to maintain their health. In last couple of decade's diseases like coronary diseases, cancer and many other chronic diseases are increasing. Deterioration in overall health status generated an enthusiasm to find out various new means and modes to facilitate individuals to preserve health.
Ayurveda, the indigenous science, also lays emphasis on self-healing tendency provided by nature. Ayurveda, the science of life, gave us the principle of panchmahabhuta of five elements - earth, water, fire, air and space. These five elements are present around in the environment in different proportion from different organs responsible for bodily functions. Another school is Naturopathy, which is complimentary to Ayurved or vice versa. In both the pathies panchkarm is the basis. In Ayurved Vaman, Virechan, Sweden, Shehan & Vasti are known as panchkarma. In Naturopathy kunjal, shankh, prachalini, neti, pranayam, Asan etc. detoxify the body.

In Naturopathy patients remain healthy till they follow their instructions of diet, yoga, and natural treatment of water and mud. As soon as patient changes that routine he develops the same problems again. It means Bioenergy remains unbalanced.
In Homeopathy by action of potential drugs we stimulate vital force, which in turn result in palliation, aggravation, discharge and cure. The main problem in Homeopathy is selection of a remedy. If medicine is right and potency is very high it will result in aggravation. When potentised Homeopathy balances medicine bio-energy patient get relief. But when this imbalance of bio-energy is more unbalanced by homeopathy medicine, patient gets no relief and he gets aggravations with different sets of symptoms. This problem of selection of medicine and potency is first time solved by French scientist Dr. Rene Naccachian. By different medicines (which were selected already by repatriations or basis of similium), he balanced the body energy of the patient, which results in relief, and cure of illness.

In Allopathy the treatment is based on pathological investigation like x-ray, sonography, CT scan, and other different tests, disease is decided and drugs are given, which give immediate relief to the patient. But due to side effects on other organ of the body or there is temporary relief. Here again Bio-energy does not get balanced and hence disease continues in one form or other.

According to Chinese Acupuncture and Acupressure theory, the energy in body channels called meridian, are discretely organized in microscopic ducts representing individual’s organ. The energy flow in it represents the functional status of that organ. An individual receives energy by food he eats, air he breaths, light he sees, vibrations he hears of feels, taste, though and two very important energies cosmic energy from space and telluric energy from earth he gets through chakras.

Sound Therapy

In modern time every body is living in stress of one kind or other. With the course of development of science has changed natural harmony of environment, which is deteriorating day by day. Various man-made energy fields are being created by man without thinking of their effects on human body.

Modern equipments and inventions such as satellite TV, telecommunication, computer fast moving vehicles etc. made our livelihood very comfortable, but they have created more environmental misbalancing and disturbed natural energy and ecological harmony resulting increased psychometric disorders and stress which has become main killer out of all today.
Although population of the world has been increased tremendously but stress have increased loneliness in man vitality has gone down. Man in search of sensual pleasures has gone berserk.

Human physical body is composed of 5 elements, prithvi (earth), apah (water), agni (fire), vayu (air) and akasha (space/ether). These five elements form tree dasha or basic humans in body, they are vatt- wind ( a form of air element), pitta (a form of fire element), kapha (a combination of water and earth).

Human body is also encircled with these energy fields i.e. physical energy, magnetic and cosmic energy. In the same way there are seven aspects of every person which must be recognized and evolved in harmony with natural laws. These seven aspects are, (1) sound, (2) touch, (3) sight (4) taste, (5) smell, (6) defection, and (7) sex.
The physical body also make up by, (1) raja- clay, earth, (2) Rasa- fluids, (3) rakta- blood (4) manas- flesh, Nerve fiber, tissues,(5) medha-fat, (6) asthi- bone, (7) majjah- bone marrow.
There are also seven types of desire (for security, protection, longevity, sharing, knowledge, self- realization and union) are seen in the trunks in seven colors.

As per the Aurveda, the definition of a healthy person is told that the person who has all dosha, dhatu in harmony and man (mind) pure is healthy. Ayurveda also says that most of the diseases are the cause of restless mind and brain. New discoveries link with brain to the immune system and suggest that state of mind can effect us right down to our cells.
An American psychologist named Sheldon Cohen also has carried out a research project in Salisbury, UK and come to the conclusion that we catch cold more readily when we are feeling threatened alone. He says that mental abstraction like loneliness or sadness can have impact on human bodies. Investigations are demonstrating that emotional states can translate into astride response in the immune system. The complex array of organs, glands and cells that comprise the body's principle mechanism for repelling invaders.

Emotions and their Effect on Health

There is a direct linkage of state of mind. Altered immune response and illness. It has already been established that illness among those people who have recently lost a spouse, are occurring at higher rates because Bereavement significantly affects their immunity. In the same way mortality has been found three times higher among those people who feel socially isolated or having fewest close relationship.
The reverse is also true. A positive mental state seems to bear favorable on health and longevity. A psychologist sandra lavy at the pittsburgh cancer institute this year has found that a factor called "joy" meaning mental resistance and vigor was the second survival time for a group of patients with recurrent breast cancer.
Neurologist Karen Bulloch (San Diego, California) has trailed direct neurological pathways between brain and immune system. The two are joined in an intricate "feed back" loop by which each influences the others. This denotes that there is a kind of shared consciousness in the mind and body. Immune system is a congestion of white cells or lymphocytes that reside in thymus glands, spleen, bone marrow and lymphnodes and monitor blood stream.

Mental Stress and Health

We are talking about mental stress resulting misbalance of bio-energies. What are they? Sign for mental stress are shown as below:

1. A constant feeling of uneasiness.
2. Constant irritability with family and work associates.
3. Boredom with life.
4. A recurring feeling of being unable to cope with life.
5. Anxiety about money.
6. Morbid fear of disease, specially cancer and heart disease.
7. Fear for death, you're own and others.
8. A sense of suppressed anger.
9. An inability to have a good laugh.
10. A feeling of being rejected by your family.
11. A sense of despair at being an unsuccessful parent.
12. Dread as the weekend approaches.
13. Reluctance to take a vacation.
14. An inability to concentrate for any length of time or to finish one job before
     beginning another one.
15. A feeling you cannot discuss your problem with any one.
16. A terror of heights, enclosed spaces, thunderstorms or earthquake.

These are mental signs of stress. These may be resultant of various aspects such as personal, family, society, environmental, ecological and work condition, what may be the cause but it affects adverse as has already been discusses.

To avoid adverse effect of these stresses one will have to attain good mental health. What is this? Mental health is a sum total of-

1. Emotional stability.
2. Maturity of character.
3. Ability to cope with stresses of life.
4. Ability to judge reality accurately.
5. Ability to foresee and to evaluate things with foresight.
6 Ability to work cheerfully.
7. Ability to a gratify hunger, thirst and sex in such a way as not to hurt others and
    others and oneself.
8 Having an effective conscience.


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