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Vastu Instruments
Magnetic Compass

The North direction is very important for building purposes. Generally there are two categories of North :

(1)  Geographical North as indicated on maps; and Magnetic North found out by magnetic compass.Magnetic Compass

Magnetic compass consists of a needle marked with North direction and circular markings to read the angle of deflection from North.

Compass is a very sensitive instrument, as such; avoid using it near steel materials, electrical appliances or in a car.

The Lecher Antenna

Lecher Antenna was discovered by a German Physicist Ernst Lecher on the principal of resonance, provoked by a loop of wiring with a sliding strut.

The Lecher Antenna

Lecher Antenna has high wavelengths. It measures the intensity of various electromagnetic fields prevailing in environment and affecting the energy fields of the living.

Bio Feed Back Energy Tester

This instrument measures human energy with flow pattern of energy in body.

With this tester, the area of energetic and organic disorder can be identified.

Every individual interacts with environment at different energy levels. This instrument helps in energy level assessment so that environment can be balanced for the individual.


Acmopol is an indicator of electrical and electromagnetic ambient pollutions.

It detects various sources of pathogenic emissions.

The acmopol has a buzzer, which operates immediately as it enters the area where the pollution exceeds the tolerable limits for normal person.

Dr. Gauss Meter

This precision meter measures the level of magnetic and electro-magnetic field (EMF) radiations.

As per US norms, exposure to radiation for more than 2.5 mg of EMF is harmful.

Dr. Gauss Meter

With the help of this meter one can determine the safe distance from high electro-magnetic fields.

Color SlidesColor Slides

Colors are composed of specific electro-magnetic frequencies.

It balances the environment according to the human energy system.

Every direction is controlled by a specific color. The deficiency can be balanced by providing flowers, paintings etc. of required color.

Essential OilsEssential Oils

Essential oils can be placed in environment for neutralizing negative disorders.

Every oil has got its own electro-magnetic frequency.


Harmonisers emit cosmic light fields or L-fields. It is an active toll for enhancing subtle energies, which are continuously in motion.


The Kirlian Camera

The Kirlian photography captures the illuminated electrical energy sheaths. This is also known as aura photography. These sheaths are considered as connectors between environment and the physical body. They serve as energy receivers and transmitters between them. Any disturbance in environment reflects on these sheaths, which can be viewed through Kirlian photography. Exposure to long-term disturbed environment ultimately affects the physical body and causes various physical ailments.


The Pendulum

The pendulum consists of a weight attached to a length of cord or chain (See Figure 1D). Ideally, the weight should be at least a few ounces. However, it also should not be so heavy that your hand gets tired quickly. Major General J. Scott Elliot (author of Dowsing One Man’s Way) began by using an extremely light pendulum – a Christmas tree ornament. I have used a paperclip attached to a length of thread when nothing else available, and it worked very well. All the same, I feel more comfortable with a heavier weight.

Almost anything that can be suspended on a length of thread or chain will do. Over the years I have built up a rather eclectic collection of pendulums. These range from the chain pull of a light fitting to a miniature Tibetan dagger, and even to a plastic skull. People often give me pendants and novelty items that they think I would enjoy using as pendulums, so my collection is growing all the time. I would not choose most of these for serious dowsing work, but would have no hesitation in using them when nothing else is available. Some authorities claim that the pendulum should be made of wood or any other substance that does not conduct electricity. I have not found this to be the case myself, and have a number of pendulums made from different metals that work very well.

The Wand

The wand was originally a three-foot-long piece of thin, tapered, springy wood (See figure 1E). Nowadays, it is more common for a length of plastic or nylon to be used. The wand is held at the thinner end, and the diviner walks with the thick end suspended a few inches above the ground. When the end of the stick is over the object being divined for, the stick starts to bob up and down. This is why it is frequently known as a bobbing stick.

It is believed that the more familiar Y-shaped divining rod is descended from the bobbing stick. This is because early pictures of dowsers in operation usually show them holding a straight rod that has been partially split to enable them to hold it easily in both hands.

The wand is usually used nowadays to determine the depth of the item being sought under the ground. Each up-and down movement (or bob) represents a unit of measurement, usually ten feet. When the wand stops bobbing and starts moving from side to side, it is an indication that you have determined the depth.

Hand Dowsing

Some dowsers do not need the help of rods or pendulums. They dowse with their hands. They walk over the area being searched while shaking their hands. Consequently, they are often referred to as "hand tremblers." Their hands suddenly stop shaking when they are divining for. Hand dowsing is very rare. The reason for this is that most dowsers need some sort of device to channel the information from the subconscious mind.

Another common form of hand dowsing is simply extending both arms straight out in front of you, parallel to the ground. The arms should be rigid. When you are over your target one arm will start to rise. With some people, the shoulder also rises.

Leichester Gataker was a successful hand dowser in England in the late Victorian era. His method was to walk rapidly over the area being surveyed with his to walk rapidly over the area being surveyed with his hands by his sides. Eyewitnesses said he became instantly agitated as soon as he felt he was in the vicinity of water. He would then outstretch his hands and apparently feel the exact area to drill. His hands would also tell him the depth and volume of water. He said that he felt a tingling sensation throughout his entire body when he was standing over water.

Another method is for the dowser to rub the thumb and forefinger together until it feels rough. Some people describe the sensation as "feeling sticky".

Uri Geller, by far the most financially successful dowser of all time, dowses with his hands.

Raymond Willey also described a man who could dowse with his feet. He would walk over the area being dowsed, with his question in mind. When he was standing directly over a vein of water, he would feel the response in the muscles in the small of his back.

Power of the Dowser

The possibilities of the human nervous system seem infinite. And Count Alfred Korzybski goes so far as to define life as the amount of energy any given nervous system contains. The system seems to function like a cosmic computer, attached to an ultrasensitive cosmic receiving set. A properly trained and sensitive nervous system would not need any external aids to find out any information it desired. A person having such sensitivity would merely have to think of the question or problem and his brain would send out beams to explore infinity and bring back the desired information. He would receive or perceive the answer as a physical sensation.

Unfortunately, most of us are not that developed. We need concrete aids to interpret and amplify the signals that our nerves wish to communicate to us. And that is precisely the function of the pendulum.

It is not the pendulum itself, therefore, which giving you the answers. It is your inner higher intelligence communicating through the nervous system – which gives you signals. What the pendulum does is amplify the signal and interpret the meaning of the signals through the codes set up between your conscious and subconscious minds.

A good dowser or pendulum operator does not just see his answer in the movement of the rod or pendulum. He also feels or senses the entire body. But this comes after diligent training.

So when dowser or pendulum operator does not just see his answer in the movement of the rod or pendulum. He also feels or senses the answer – in terms of frequency registrations – in his hand, measuring the interaction of a given force field with his own nervous system.

  • Sit down with your feet planted firmly on the ground, hands not touching each other; legs not touching each other either.
  • Be in a quiet place with minimum electrical appliances
  • Take a blank sheet and draw arrows in vertical, horizontal directions and a clockwise, anti-clockwise circle
  • Hold the pendulum over the symbols and use your mind power to make the pendulum move over the respective symbols.
  • While the pendulum is gyrating clockwise say to your sub-conscious out loud, this means yes. While its is gyrating counterclockwise say to your subconscious, this means no.
  • Repeat this exercise every day for a week, to ensure that your suggestions have been accepted by the subconscious.
  • Your are now ready to ask questions and open a new field of communication with your subconscious.
  • Make sure that all your questions can be answered with a yes or no response.
Content © used with permission.. vastu expert - Mayank Barjatya
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